Grey Ant Sunglasses

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Anyone who knows me knows that I own at least a new pair of eyewear every year. I don't intend to wear any contact lenses because, well, I have fear of putting on them. Also, it's more fun trying out different frames. Recently, I saw these Grey Ant's and I now have the urge to get it. I'm not sure if Singapore stocks these beauties and I don't frequent online shopping, so I would have to think twice. I need prescribed lens too (all the trouble). I love wayfarers. It keeps in check with your whole outfit and gives an extra edge or coolness. I have one wayfarer-esque glasses that is in red and charcoal with a kind of fake wood grain finish. I'm in love with it. Maybe I'll share some of my favourite eyewear soon.

RetroSuper has a great collection of cool shades and Shwood has unique sunglasses made out of various wood.
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Adela said...

I got a pair of Grey Ant recently and like you, I live in Singapore too! I love the sunnies! They're so cute. I don't own Wayfarers but I do have a pair of Rayban aviator sunnies in pink trims. Should post them on my blog soon! Look out for Grey Ant at Revolve :) That's where I got mine from. Hope that helps!

xx Adela

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