#4 TFBD: All The Pretty Birds

Thursday, March 18, 2010

She needs to be featured on TFBD. Other than the amazing photos that she photographs along the fashion streets (from Julia Roitfeld, Carine Roitfeld, Giovanna Battaglia, Anna Dello Russo, etc), I really love Miss Tamu Mcpherson for identifying the names of the people she photographs. Stylist, designers, magazine editors to fashion multitasker and more, she follows fashion insiders or fashion heroes in the making that are not often seen on other street fashion blogs. I don't know about you, but I do get just a little bored from some street fashion sites. All the Pretty Birds is different because it keeps up my fashion spirit.

Red Lips, checked. Winged eye make-up, checked. Hair, checked. Shoes, checked. This is her signature look, especially with the lips and the eye make-up which is now embedded in my head. Being an American Apparel model, she does great athletical poses and some which are really quite breath-taking I must say. I really admire her for making it to Paris Fashion Week and got to meet all the incredibles such as Emanuelle, Anna, Carine, etc. I would die to see Anna in person.

Is there such a thing as Classy Electicism? She is one of those that can put anything together and look incredibly ready for the streets. I believe her blog has been around for quite some time and I only hopped in just last week. But I find myself coming back for more because her clothes are always fun and interesting. She also has a quirky sensibility for her eye-shields. Her outfits are surprising and never the same.
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Damsels said...

i love chic muse .. ive recently bee n following her blog .. her new posts are terrific .

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