#5 TFBD: Those Vintage Girls Have Their Own Identity

Thursday, March 25, 2010

These girls are not the usual. They are not the usual vintage obsessed ones that dresses like a potato sack or over-accessorise like your granny. They combine the best of the past and the present in their wardrobe which speaks practicality, fun, and sometimes a little whimsical. Here's four vintage blogs for a start if you haven't quite jump on the vintage wardrobe wagon.

I love to look at their inspiration boards that are decked with beautiful pictures of nature, soft hues and occasionally a retro pop of color. I guess most of them know how to sew which I am super jealous. I always wanted to learn sewing, but I guess I end up spending more time on blogging instead. Hahs.


Even if you're an urban cat, I believe you will be jealous over comfortable clothes like these girls are wearing. Sometimes ready-to-wear needs to be easy-to-wear, agree? Click away to get inspired!
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