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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I am addicted to the world wide web. The only reason is because I'm addicted to the fashion blogosphere. The fashion blogosphere is like my escape. I don't know about you, but I love discovering new blogs. It's a pleasure to browse through blogs by experienced bloggers such as fashion toast, karla's closet, garance dore, the sartorialist or jak & jil. Everyone has a fresh perspective of the fashion world because it's always changing and reinventing.

From now on, every week I'll be posting new blogs I've discovered and old blogs which I love. This feature will run effectively with a link button soon probably named "THE FASHION BLOG DISCOVERY" In addition to individual style blogs, I'll post up other inspirational fashion sites or new fashion community on the web too.

I hope you enjoy blog-hopping and find some inspirations in your wardrobe from this feature and please feel free to leave a comment if you have or know of a fashion blog that you would like to share.


Annabel is content with spending more on her food than her clothes (that's how she introduce herself). I drool over her food adventure and her style tells you to feel easy in the simple. I love how she pair basics with her red lipstick and bangs. She looks great without over-accessorizing.
Maybe the secret is in the make-up? Or maybe the food?

She's just as cute and stylish like Betty from leblogdebetty. She is probably a digital animator too because the little cartoonified tokyobanhbaos on her blog makes you want to scream Kawaii!!

Everytime I see her, I just get the urge to dye my hair red. She also stars in Sony Ericsson's Jalou video promo with a great background music which I love. The above link is her new url at radarzine.
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