Spotlight: Carey Mulligan

Thursday, April 1, 2010


A promising English Actress that is taking on the film world and red carpet. She really is something, because her first talkshow interview was with David Letterman and she received a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in A Leading Role in "An Education" (her first film in a leading role) which gained her widespread recognition and many nominations for various awards. Everyone wants her. She has five films in pre-production mode.

It really is in the hair. The cute smile and the lovely english accent that's never too heavy. She is pretty and young. She looks like 16 but she really is 25 soon.

She is stellar on the red-carpet. She can be young and mature at the same time.
Every designer wants to dress her now.

Her leading role is in "An Education".

Anna likes her. I read off somewhere that Anna is quite fond of her. Major fashion headstart.

Whether she's dressing up like a mature young lady in  "An Education" or glamming up for award shows and red carpets, she remembles Audrey Hepburn, yes? Apparently, people also compare their acting performances.

Carey Mulligan on press. I love the Wonderland cover.

Carey Mulligan as Rose in "The Greatest".

With Shia Lebouf on the set of "Wall Street". They're dating and they look happy together. :)
The photo on the right was the first photo that caught my interest and led me to find out more about Carey. I was in love with the hair and the outfit. Total Hairspiration!

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elegantnodes said...

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Sarah M said...

Love her love this! :D she carries herself with such poise and the her performancein an education was epic. :) great post!

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